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The German Bundesliga is renowned for its passionate fans, competitive football, and rich history. Whether you’re a seasoned punter or new to sports betting, wagering on the Bundesliga can be an exciting way to add more thrill to the beautiful game. In this guide, we’ll explore how to bet on the Bundesliga effectively, from understanding the league’s structure to making informed betting choices.

Betting on the Bundesliga:

The Bundesliga is one of the top football leagues globally, boasting some of the best club teams and passionate fan bases. Its teams frequently compete at high levels in European competitions, such as the Champions League and the Europa League. Consequently, Bundesliga betting has become increasingly popular, with bookmakers offering a wide range of markets for German football.

1. How the Bundesliga Works

The Bundesliga features 18 clubs, and each team plays 34 matches during the season – 17 at home and 17 away. Teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. The team with the most points at the end of the season is crowned Bundesliga champions.

If two or more teams have the same number of points, tiebreakers like goal difference, goals scored, and head-to-head records are used to determine the rankings. In cases where this doesn’t resolve the tie, a playoff may be necessary.

European Qualification: The top four Bundesliga teams gain entry to the group stages of the Champions League. The fifth and sixth-placed teams secure spots in the Europa League, which can change if the winner of the German Cup also qualifies for the Europa League.

Relegation: Up to three teams can be relegated from the Bundesliga to the second division, Bundesliga 2. The bottom two teams are automatically relegated, while the 16th-placed team faces a two-legged playoff against the third-placed team from Bundesliga 2. The winning side in the playoff earns a spot in the Bundesliga for the next season.

Winter Break: The Bundesliga follows the tradition of many European leagues by having a winter break. Matches are generally scheduled for weekends, but they can also take place on weekdays.


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2. History of the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga’s origins trace back to the 1950s when the need for a national football league became evident. East and West Germany had their own teams, but the professionalism of other European leagues made it challenging for German teams to retain their best players. The catalyst for the Bundesliga’s formation in West Germany was a disappointing performance by the national team in the 1962 World Cup.

Bayern Munich, one of the league’s most dominant teams, has won numerous titles since the 1968-69 season. The club’s dominance in German football and Europe is unparalleled.

3. Bundesliga Odds Explained

The Bundesliga offers various betting markets, allowing punters to choose from a range of options. Some popular markets include:

  • Match Result 1X2: Predicting the outcome of the match (home win, draw, or away win) within 90 minutes plus added time.
  • Asian Handicap: Betting on the winner with each team carrying a goals handicap.
  • Goal Total Over/Under: Betting on whether there will be over or under a specified number of goals.

Bookmakers also provide outright markets such as Bundesliga winner odds and “Winner Without Bayern” odds. The latter allows you to bet on the team you think will finish highest in the Bundesliga table, excluding Bayern Munich.

4. How to Bet on the Bundesliga

Betting on the Bundesliga is similar to wagering on other football leagues. To enhance your Bundesliga betting experience, consider the following tips:

  • Bet with Value: Only place bets when there is value, meaning you have identified an opportunity where the odds are in your favor.
  • Specialize: Focus on specific markets or teams to develop expertise and gain an edge.
  • Staking Method: Use a consistent staking method to manage your bankroll effectively.
  • Keep Records: Maintain detailed records of your bets to analyze your performance and refine your strategy.
  • Multiple Bookmakers: Have accounts with multiple bookmakers to access different odds and promotions.

To learn more about the fundamentals of football betting, refer to our “How To Bet On Football” guide.

 5. Important Bundesliga Betting Statistics

Home Field Advantage in the German Bundesliga:

Home Win: 44.5%

Draw: 25.6%

Away Win: 29.9%

Half-Time Results in the German Bundesliga:

Half-Time Home Lead: 40.1%

Half-Time Draw: 38.4%

Half-Time Away Lead: 21.5%

Goals Scored in the German Bundesliga:

Average Goals per Game: 3.0

1 Goal or Less: 18.4%

2 Goals: 27.6%

3 Goals: 25.3%

4 Goals or More: 28.7%

 Corner Kicks:

The Bundesliga typically features more corner kicks than other top European leagues. Over the past five seasons, matches averaged approximately 10.37 corners per game.

Top Scorers in the German Bundesliga in the Last 10 Seasons:

Season Top Scorer Goals Team
2022-2023 Robert Lewandowski 35 goals Bayern Munich
2021-2022 Robert Lewandowski 41 goals Bayern Munich
2020-2021 Robert Lewandowski 41 goals Bayern Munich
2019-2020 Robert Lewandowski 34 goals Bayern Munich
2018-2019 Robert Lewandowski 22 goals Bayern Munich
2017-2018 Robert Lewandowski 29 goals Bayern Munich
2016-2017 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 31 goals Borussia Dortmund
2015-2016 Robert Lewandowski 30 goals Bayern Munich
2014-2015 Alexander Meier 19 goals Eintracht Frankfurt
2013-2014 Robert Lewandowski 20 goals Borussia Dortmund

Derbies in bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is home to several intense and historic derbies, encounters between local rivals that fuel passion and create unforgettable moments. Here are some of the most notable Bundesliga derbies:
  1. Der Klassiker: Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund – A clash of German titans, with Bayern’s dominance challenged by Dortmund’s relentless pursuit of glory.

  2. Revierderby: Borussia Dortmund vs. Schalke 04 – A fierce rivalry rooted in the Ruhr region, with Dortmund’s passionate fanbase facing Schalke’s unwavering loyalty.

  3. Berlin Derby: Hertha BSC vs. 1. FC Union Berlin – A battle for Berlin supremacy, with Hertha’s established presence challenged by Union’s spirited rise.

  4. Derby of Bavaria: Bayern Munich vs. 1. FC Nürnberg – A clash of Bavarian pride, with Bayern’s global success facing Nürnberg’s rich history and fighting spirit.

  5. Hamburg Derby: Hamburger SV vs. FC St. Pauli – A rivalry that divides the city of Hamburg, with HSV’s traditional status challenged by St. Pauli’s cult following.

6. Betting on the Bundesliga Online

When betting on the Bundesliga, you have access to numerous online sportsbooks. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

  1. Choose a Reputable Betting Site: Research and select a reputable sportsbook. Look for licensing, security, and good reviews.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account by providing the required personal and financial information.
  3. Deposit Funds: Fund your betting account using your preferred payment method, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.
  4. Explore Betting Markets: Browse the available Bundesliga betting markets and select your preferred wagers.
  5. Place Bets: Add your chosen selections to your bet slip, specify the stake, and confirm your bets.
  6. Enjoy the Matches: Follow the Bundesliga matches and keep track of your bets. Most sportsbooks offer live betting options.
  7. Withdraw Winnings: If your bets are successful, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account or e-wallet.
  8. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest Bundesliga news, team updates, and injury reports to make informed betting decisions.


What is the Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga is the top-tier professional football league in Germany. It’s known for its competitive nature, passionate fans, and high-scoring matches.

When does the Bundesliga season start and end?

The Bundesliga season typically begins in August and concludes in May. It follows the traditional European football calendar with a winter break.

Who are the most successful teams in the Bundesliga?

Bayern Munich is the most successful club in Bundesliga history, having won numerous titles. Borussia Dortmund is another top club with a strong track record.

What are some popular betting markets for the Bundesliga?

Popular Bundesliga betting markets include Match Result (1X2), Asian Handicap, Goal Total Over/Under, and top goalscorer bets.

How can I watch Bundesliga matches live?

Bundesliga matches are broadcast on various television networks and streaming platforms. Check your local listings for availability in your region.




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