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Betting on La Liga presents challenges to even the most experienced football bettor. Broadly regarded as the world’s top football league, it is also one of the world’s most lopsided in terms of competitive balance. Our detailed La Liga betting guide will show you how to approach the top division in Spanish football, and enhance your betting on La Liga this season.


 The top flight of Spanish football has always been well regarded but the number of football fans who follow the division, which is also known as the Primera Division, has been steadily growing year on year.
As with the other major European leagues, La Liga is massive when it comes to football betting. Each week there are hundreds and hundreds of match markets to bet on while the biggest bookmakers also have a healthy collection of outright betting markets.
This guide will give you a deeper insight into La Liga while highlighting the various betting options available to you and, crucially, provide you with the information and strategies to hopefully make the most of your newfound knowledge.


The 2023/24 La Liga season is scheduled to kick off on August 14, 2023, and conclude on June 4, 2024. The 20 teams will battle it out over 38 matchdays, with each team playing each other twice, once at home and once away.


In total, 20 teams compete in La Liga every season. In theory, they are all fighting for a chance to win the title, but in reality, only a small number of teams have a genuine chance of ending the season at the top of the table.


Barcelona and Real Madrid are the perennial favorites for Spanish league glory, but in recent years, Atletico Madrid has emerged as La Liga’s third team. In the 2023/24 season, those three will once again compete for the title, which is simply awarded to the team that wins the most points after playing 38 La Liga fixtures – three points are awarded for a win, and one for a draw.
In the case of teams tied on points, La Liga uses the following criteria to classify teams:

  • Head-to-head points
  • Head-to-head goal difference
  • Goal difference
  • Goals scored
  • Fair-play points

In the unlikely event that teams still cannot be separated, there is a playoff.
You have to go back for more than a decade to find the last time that a team other than Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Atletico Madrid finished the season on top of the Spanish Primera Division table. If you want a quick demonstration of the dominance of the top three teams in Spanish football currently, you only need to look at the Primera odds where every other team is at least priced at odds of 101.00.

Mastering the Art of Football Betting


Thankfully for the other teams, there is more than just the league title to challenge for in Spain. Each season, the top four teams in La Liga are guaranteed a place in the group stage of the Champions League, while the team that finishes fifth has a chance to play in the Europa League group stage. In the 2021/22 season, UEFA introduced a new format called the Europa Conference League. La Liga’s 6th-placed team qualifies for this new league.
Real Madrid are the current Champions League holders, but as Villarreal has shown, Spanish teams are also very capable of winning the Europa League. Spanish teams have won the Europa League title 6 out of 10 times in the past decade, which is a record for titles won by one nation.


La Liga is at the top of a vast pyramid of Spanish football. In theory, every team in Spain has the ability to play in La Liga by winning promotion to the top flight. Each year, the three teams that finish at the bottom of La Liga are relegated to the renamed La Liga 2 (previously known as the Segunda Division). The three teams with the fewest points are replaced by three teams from La Liga 2, which in turn has its own relegation into the Segunda Division B. With so much to play for at both ends of the table, Primera results are always important, and wins are hard to come by.
There is an incredible amount to play for in La Liga, but there are also some highly sought-after individual awards. With some of the best attacking players in the world playing in La Liga, the top goalscorer award tends to be competitive. At the other end of the field, goalkeepers try to win the Zamora Trophy, awarded to the goalkeeper with the least goals-to-game ratio.



La Liga was founded in 1929, and Barcelona was its first champion. In the years that followed, Real Madrid emerged as a dominant force in the league. The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, known as El Clásico, became one of the most famous in the world of football.
Throughout its history, La Liga has featured some of the world’s greatest footballers, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others. The league is renowned for its attacking style of play and has consistently been one of the highest-scoring leagues in the world.
La Liga has a rich history and tradition, and it has played a significant role in the development of Spanish football and its national team. Over the years, Spanish clubs have also achieved success in European competitions, with Barcelona, Real Madrid, and other La Liga teams winning numerous UEFA Champions League titles.

Top Scorers In La Liga For The Last 10 seasons (2013-2023)

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the top scorers in La Liga for the last 10 seasons (2013-2023) along with their respective teams:

Season Top Scorer Goals Team
2022-2023 Karim Benzema 27 goals Real Madrid
2021-2022 Karim Benzema 27 goals Real Madrid
2020-2021 Lionel Messi 30 goals Barcelona
2019-2020 Lionel Messi 25 goals Barcelona
2018-2019 Lionel Messi 36 goals Barcelona
2017-2018 Lionel Messi 34 goals Barcelona
2016-2017 Lionel Messi 37 goals Barcelona
2015-2016 Luis Suárez 40 goals Barcelona
2014-2015 Cristiano Ronaldo 48 goals Real Madrid
2013-2014 Cristiano Ronaldo 31 goals Real Madrid

How To Calculate Bookmaker Commission

La Liga Betting Statistics

Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage in La Liga is significant, with home teams winning approximately 43% of matches, compared to 29% for away teams. This advantage is attributed to factors such as familiarity with the pitch, crowd support, and psychological factors.

Over 2.5 Goals

In La Liga, approximately 55% of matches end with over 2.5 goals scored. This indicates a relatively high-scoring league where attacking football is prevalent.

Both Teams Scoring

Both teams score in around 53% of La Liga matches, suggesting that matches are often closely contested and both sides have a fair chance of finding the back of the net.

Scoreless Matches

Scoreless matches are relatively rare in La Liga, occurring in only about 7% of matches. This further emphasizes the attacking nature of the league and the tendency for goals to be scored.

Drawn at Halftime

Around 42% of La Liga matches are drawn at halftime, indicating that the first half often sees a close balance between the teams before tactical adjustments or individual brilliance can sway the outcome in the second half.

LA LIGA ODDS EXPLAINED: Understanding odds is crucial when betting on La Liga or any other football league. Odds are used to determine the potential payouts from a bet, and they also reflect the bookmakers’ assessment of the likelihood of a specific outcome. Here are the main types of odds you’ll encounter when betting on La Liga:

Decimal Odds: These are the most common odds format used in many countries, including Europe. Decimal odds represent the potential return on a bet, including the initial stake. For example, if a team is priced at 2.00, you would double your money if your bet is successful (e.g., a $10 bet would return $20).

Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are common in the UK and Ireland. They represent the potential profit you can make, excluding the initial stake. For example, if a team is priced at 1/2, a $10 bet would result in a $5 profit, for a total return of $15.

Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds are primarily used in the United States and Canada. Positive moneyline odds indicate the profit you can make on a $100 bet, while negative moneyline odds show how much you need to stake to make a $100 profit. For example, if a team has odds of +200, you can make a $200 profit on a $100 bet. If the odds are -150, you need to bet $150 to make a $100 profit.

How to Read Odds: Odds are typically presented alongside the team or outcome they represent. For example, in a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, you might see the following odds:

  • Barcelona: 2.00 (Decimal) / 1/1 (Fractional) / +100 (Moneyline)
  • Real Madrid: 3.00 (Decimal) / 2/1 (Fractional) / +200 (Moneyline)
  • Draw: 3.50 (Decimal) / 5/2 (Fractional) / +250 (Moneyline)

To calculate potential payouts, you can use these odds. If you bet $20 on Barcelona at odds of 2.00, you could win $40 in total ($20 x 2.00). Keep in mind that odds represent probabilities: the lower the odds, the more likely an outcome is expected to occur.


La Liga Awards

La Liga recognizes individual and team excellence throughout the season:

  1. Pichichi Trophy: Awarded to the top goalscorer in La Liga.

  2. Zamora Trophy: Awarded to the goalkeeper with the lowest goals-conceded-to-games-played ratio.

  3. La Liga Best Player: Awarded to the best player in La Liga based on overall performance.

  4. La Liga Best Coach: Awarded to the best coach in La Liga based on team performance and tactical acumen.


Who are the most successful clubs in La Liga history?

Real Madrid(35 titles) and Barcelona(26 titles) are the most successful clubs in La Liga. They have won numerous La Liga titles over the years and have a historic rivalry known as “El Clásico.”

When does the La Liga season start and end?

The La Liga season usually starts in August and ends in May or June, depending on the specific year’s schedule.

What are the European qualification spots in La Liga?

The top four teams in La Liga qualify for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The team finishing in fifth place qualifies for the UEFA Europa League group stage. Additionally, the sixth-placed team qualifies for the Europa Conference League, a new competition introduced in 2021/22.

Who holds the record for the most goals in a single La Liga season?

Lionel Messi holds the record for the most goals scored in a single La Liga season. He scored 50 goals during the 2011-2012 season.

Can I bet on La Liga matches?

 Yes, you can place bets on La Liga matches through licensed sports betting websites and apps. Make sure to gamble responsibly and within legal regulations in your region.


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