Fajardo and Boatwright Ready for PBA Finals Showdown


In the journey to the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals, the powerful duo of June Mar Fajardo and Bennie Boatwright has propelled San Miguel Beer to new heights. Fajardo, the seasoned seven-time Most Valuable Player, gracefully embraces his secondary role, allowing Boatwright to shine and elevate the Beermen’s performance. As Magnolia gears up to face San Miguel in the upcoming Finals, Coach Chito Victolero faces the challenge of devising a strategy to contain the formidable Boatwright-Fajardo tandem.

The Boatwright Effect

Bennie Boatwright’s addition to San Miguel’s roster has brought a unique dimension to the team’s already formidable lineup. Standing nearly 6-foot-9, Boatwright’s versatility allows him to thrive with outside shots and strategic attacks from the top of the key. The “Death 15” lineup, as coined by Coach Jorge Gallent, emphasizes that San Miguel’s strength extends beyond individual players, creating a collective challenge for opponents.

Magnolia’s Defensive Puzzle

Coach Chito Victolero acknowledges the defensive challenge posed by San Miguel’s big men. Referring to them as the “Death Five” and “Death 15,” he recognizes the difficulty in containing a lineup with such depth and skill. The focus for Magnolia will be finding defensive strategies to disrupt the rhythm of Boatwright and Fajardo, who play pivotal roles in the Beermen’s offense.

Fajardo’s Role and Dominance

June Mar Fajardo, despite embracing a secondary role, remains a force to be reckoned with. His presence in the post creates opportunities for the Beermen, and his impressive statistics in points, rebounds, blocks, assists, and steals underscore his all-around impact. Fajardo’s ability to set the tone and create plays adds a crucial dimension to San Miguel’s offensive strategy.

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Finding Solutions Through Defense

As Magnolia prepares for the Finals clash, Coach Victolero emphasizes the importance of defense. While recognizing the scoring prowess of Boatwright and the Beermen, Victolero believes in finding solutions to every problem. Magnolia’s strength lies in their defensive capabilities, and devising a strategy to disrupt San Miguel’s offensive flow will be crucial in their pursuit of the championship.

The Phoenix Challenge

In the semifinals, Magnolia faced a resilient Phoenix team that refused to concede easily. Despite Magnolia’s early control in Game 4, Phoenix staged multiple comebacks, showcasing their determination. The experience of overcoming such challenges will serve as a valuable lesson for Magnolia as they enter the Finals against San Miguel.

As the stage is set for the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals, the dynamic showdown between San Miguel’s Boatwright-Fajardo duo and Magnolia’s defensive prowess promises an exhilarating basketball spectacle.



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