PLDT Gears Up for PVL Season with New Talent Influx


PLDT’s Coach Rald Ricafort is at the helm of a transitional phase as the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) gears up for a new season. The recent arrivals of three vital players, Rhea Dimaculangan, Kim Fajardo, and Kim Kianna Dy, present both an exciting opportunity and a strategic challenge for Ricafort and the High Speed Hitters.

The setback of injuries affecting key players in the last season has left the PLDT team with some voids to fill. However, the addition of seasoned veterans Dimaculangan and Fajardo promises to infuse depth and experience into the setter position. While Dimaculangan faced some injury concerns in the last two games, Ricafort sees the synergy between her and Fajardo as a valuable asset for the team.

Moreover, the acquisitions from the disbanded F2 Logistics club, particularly Dy and Majoy Baron, bolster PLDT’s strength across various positions. Dy’s inclusion enhances the team’s offensive capabilities, complementing the existing talents like Savannah Davison and Jules Samonte. Ricafort expressed his enthusiasm, noting that Dy’s arrival provides the team with options, especially on the right side.

Baron, on the other hand, steps into a crucial role, aiming to temporarily fill the void left by the sidelined Mika Reyes. Ricafort believes that Baron’s experience and skill set will seamlessly integrate into the team, ensuring a strong defensive and offensive presence.

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The transition from the previous season, where the High Speed Hitters narrowly missed the semifinals with a 7-4 win-loss record, has led to a recruitment focus on proven talent that can propel PLDT further in the upcoming season. Ricafort emphasized the need for competitive teammates and highlighted the importance of the new recruits’ championship experience in guiding younger players like Davison through tough game situations.

This influx of talent and experience is expected to add depth and competitiveness to the PLDT roster, transforming the team into serious contenders for the PVL title. With Ricafort’s strategic approach and the collective synergy among the players, the High Speed Hitters aim to maximize the potential of their newfound talent pool to secure a better finish in the forthcoming PVL season.

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