Dominant Clippers Hand Spurs Ninth Consecutive Loss


In a commanding performance, the Los Angeles Clippers surged past the San Antonio Spurs 124-99, extending the Spurs’ losing streak to nine games. Led by Paul George’s 28 points and Kawhi Leonard’s 21, the Clippers dominated the court, securing their sixth consecutive victory against the struggling Spurs.

James Harden, contributing 13 points and 10 assists, proved instrumental in the Clippers’ triumph, marking their second consecutive win with Harden in the lineup after initial struggles following his trade from Philadelphia.

Reflecting on their recent success, Harden highlighted the importance of familiarity, stating, “The more reps, the more you get comfortable. The more you try to understand where guys’ spots are on the floor and where can I attack and get mine. As games go by, you see us get more comfortable.”

San Antonio, led by Victor Wembanyama with nine points and three rebounds, faced a tough challenge against the Clippers. Despite Keldon Johnson’s impressive 22 points and 10 rebounds and Cedi Osman’s 17-point contribution, the Spurs couldn’t halt their losing streak.

Johnson acknowledged the Clippers’ strength, expressing his respect for their prowess: “That’s an amazing team that we played tonight. Praying that everybody on their roster stays healthy, they will be contending, in a position to make some noise in the West.”

For the Spurs, this losing streak matches the fifth longest in franchise history, reminiscent of their record-setting 23-game slump last season. However, this unfortunate stretch granted the Spurs the No. 1 pick, leading to the selection of Wembanyama, seen as the franchise’s new cornerstone.

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The game also marked an emotional return for Leonard, the former face of the Spurs, who was met with boos from the crowd every time he touched the ball. Despite the hostility, Leonard expressed appreciation for the city’s love outside of the game: “It’s a competitive fanbase. They want to win every game. Once I come into the game, there’s going to be boos, but walking around the city or going to restaurants, they show love.”

Throughout the game, the Clippers’ dominance was evident, with 30 assists and only seven turnovers. They limited Wembanyama to 4-for-12 shooting, frustrating the Spurs’ offense and sealing their sixth double-digit loss this season.

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich commended his team’s effort despite the loss, acknowledging the Clippers’ strength: “Nobody likes to lose, but I thought their competitiveness and their execution were good. Against a very good, very talented, very well-coached team.”

The Clippers’ lead extended to 28 points in the third quarter, leading to a decisive victory. San Antonio, struggling to overcome deficits throughout the season, faced another substantial loss, trailing by 15 points or more in eight games.

In summary, the Clippers’ dominant performance against the Spurs solidified their stronghold and showcased their cohesive gameplay, leaving the Spurs searching for solutions amidst their extended losing streak.

Image source: Yahoo


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