Differences Between PAGCOR and POGO

Differences-Between-PAGCOR-and-POGO (

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) are distinct entities within the Philippines’ gaming and gambling industry. They serve different purposes and operate under different regulations. Here are the key differences between PAGCOR and POGOs:


Type of entity Government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) Private company
Location Based in the Philippines Based in the Philippines
Activities Regulates and operates gaming activities in the Philippines Offers online gambling services to customers outside of the Philippines
Licensing Issues licenses to POGOs Obtains a license from PAGCOR
Regulatory oversight Subject to PAGCOR’s regulations Subject to PAGCOR’s regulations for licensing and compliance
Target market Filipino citizens Customers outside of the Philippines

Here is a more detailed explanation of the key differences:

  • Type of entity: PAGCOR is a government agency, while POGOs are private companies. This means that PAGCOR is owned and controlled by the government of the Philippines, while POGOs are owned and controlled by private individuals or corporations.
  • Location: PAGCOR is based in the Philippines, while POGOs can be based anywhere in the world. This is because PAGCOR’s mandate is to regulate and operate gaming activities in the Philippines, while POGOs’ operations are not restricted to the Philippines.
  • Activities: PAGCOR is responsible for regulating and operating all forms of gaming activity in the Philippines. This includes casinos, bingo, poker, sports betting, and online gaming. POGOs, on the other hand, are specifically authorized to offer online gambling services to customers outside of the Philippines.
  • Licensing: PAGCOR is the only entity that can issue licenses to POGOs. This means that all POGOs must have a valid PAGCOR license in order to operate.
  • Regulatory oversight: PAGCOR’s regulations apply to all gaming activities in the Philippines, including those conducted by POGOs. However, POGOs are also subject to specific regulations for licensing and compliance. These regulations are designed to ensure that POGOs operate in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner.
  • Target market: PAGCOR’s services are aimed at Filipino citizens, while POGOs target customers outside of the Philippines. This is because PAGCOR’s mandate is to generate revenue for the government of the Philippines, and it does this by taxing gambling activities that are conducted by Filipinos. POGOs, on the other hand, are not subject to the same tax requirements, so they can offer more competitive rates to customers outside of the Philippines.

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In summary, PAGCOR is a government-owned regulatory body responsible for overseeing all gaming operations within the Philippines, while POGOs are private companies licensed by PAGCOR to provide online gambling services primarily to international customers. PAGCOR’s focus is on both land-based and online gaming within the country, with a strong emphasis on social responsibility, whereas POGOs operate exclusively online and cater to international markets.



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