Creamline Smashers Clinch PVL Champions Title in Spectacular Unbeaten Run


Creamline Smashers once again etched their name in PVL history, securing an unparalleled victory as the PVL Champions in the 2023 2nd All-Filipino Conference. Their unblemished triumph, the third unbeaten conquest, stood out for the team’s resilience in overcoming adversities.

Despite the absence of key players like Jia Morado-de Guzman and Ced Domingo, Creamline Smashers exhibited unparalleled strength, dominating all 15 games, including a remarkable sweep against Choco Mucho in the championship series.

Coach Sherwin Meneses acknowledged the unique significance of this latest win, attributing it to the team’s exceptional chemistry and veteran spirit. The thrilling Game 2 of the finals, witnessed by a record-breaking crowd of 24,459, marked Creamline’s third consecutive and fifth overall All-Filipino title, affirming their status as the country’s premier women’s club team.

Reflecting on the victory, Meneses emphasized the team’s diligent efforts throughout the year, underscoring the sweep as an exceptional bonus to their hard work.

Stepping into the role vacated by De Guzman, setter Kyle Negrito expressed her pride in contributing as the main setter, emphasizing the value of this championship as the pinnacle of her dedication and hard work.

Jema Galanza, part of Creamline’s formidable trio alongside Alyssa Valdez and Finals Most Valuable Player Tots Carlos, highlighted the challenging aspects of this tournament—its extended duration and heightened competition level, making the title pursuit more arduous.

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Tots Carlos echoed the sentiment, acknowledging the unseen dedication, relentless training, and mental resilience that defined their journey to this championship, emphasizing the extensive effort behind the apparent ease of their on-court performance.

The sweep might portray a seamless victory, yet the relentless dedication and sacrifices made behind the scenes underscore a different narrative—the tale of determination and perseverance for the club to attain greatness.

Creamline Smashers concluded the season with two titles and a runner-up finish, setting a promising trajectory for the future. Beyond Coach Meneses’ system and the team’s star-studded roster, Creamline Smashers is synonymous with a distinct brand of volleyball that resonates with excellence and success.

Image source: One sports


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